What is the Capital of Egypt?

LSGn: Pyramid
EJW: India
MCM: Dubai 

A way to keep your shoes clean forever.

Ahjumma’s Biasness for Seung Gi (lol. poor mongie and jongmin)


140411 [BREAKING] Sanggeun died today from battling cancer

Born in April 16, 2004, great pyrenees dog breed Sanggeun passed away earlier today. It was reported that he has been battling with canine mast cell tumor for some time. 

Sanggeun is well-loved by the nation from his appearances in 1N2D season 1 as the show’s mascot and his drama cameos and CF endorsements. His funeral will start on the 12th at Gimpo Angels Stone Crematorium.

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When Tablo tries to take the phone away from Jiwon.

Baek Jiyoung having to deal with her fanboys x x


He always got high school student roles. :)
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